Wheaton’s Charm

Wheaton is a great place to live. It’s important for a Council member to work on keeping our taxes low, property values high, and attracting new business.  However, all of this must be done while keeping an eye on the big picture. We need to promote and preserve the historical districts and landmarks.   We need to stay within the zoning codes and not allow too many shortcuts.  The cause and effects of too many variances also needs to be monitored. Wheaton cannot afford to lose its natural charm and character.    That’s what brings many residents here in the first place.


I believe in keeping taxes low, maintaining a positive balance sheet, and controlling and monitoring spending.  I am fiscally responsible and believe in starting off with a balanced budget.   It is the duty of each council member to utilize our tax dollars wisely. Budgeting is a yearlong activity, not a once a year action.  I will look line by line for across the board savings and will scrutinize each request that comes in front of the board. The key to good budgeting is open communication, transparency and paying attention to the details.

Economic Development

I believe that it is important to attract new business and to retain existing businesses in Wheaton.  With my real estate experience, I know effective strategies to attract and bring in both new retail and restaurants that are going to bring more people into Wheaton.  I will examine the hurdles required by the City and will try to help expedite and streamline the processes in opening their doors.  The key is to enhance the City in ways that add value and maintain the essence of what makes Wheaton a great place to live.


I understand that there are issues in the North District of Wheaton.  Flooding is a major issue with many residents.  I will review what has been implemented to date and will push towards more action in resolving the flooding issue.  Also, many of the streets and sidewalks that our residents use on a daily basis are in need of attention.  I will personally visit every street and push towards getting sidewalks and streets repaired as needed.

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